How Does Your Dealership Rank?
CarStory analyzes millions of data points to predict when every car will sell, on every lot. The predictions power the CarStory Leaderboard, a weekly update on how you will stack up against local competition.
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The Power of Big Data
Are you looking to increase profits, turn cars faster and do it all in less time? See how CarStory Insights can help.
Frequently Asked Questions
1 How are the rankings determined?
The Leaderboard uses the days on lot predictions from CarStory Insights. After predicting when every car will sell, we average those numbers. The Leaderboard is a stack rank of those averages for the major US metros.
2 How do you predict turn?
We put together an infographic to help explain the process. You can learn more here.
3 Do you analyze all dealers in a metro market?
No. We only include dealers that have at least 20 used vehicles on their lot.
4 What if I'm not listed on the Leaderboard?
No problem. If you are within one the major metros, we will add your inventory once you sign-up.
5 How can I improve my turn?
Our first recommendation is to take advantage of the FREE CarStory Market Reports. By merchandising every vehicle on your lot, Market Reports can increase conversion up to 20%. Best of all, they are free.

Then, sign up to get access to CarStory Insights. This App predicts when your cars will sell, so you can avoid big losses.

6 How often do you update the Leaderboard?
We update the Leaderboard weekly. Once you sign up, you will receive an email with the latest leaderboard for your area. This will show every dealer's current rank and change from the prior week.
7 Who is CarStory?
CarStory is the leader in Automotive Vertical AI for automotive industry We use our expertise and data to help dealers acquire more customers, turn cars faster and make more money. CarStory, supports a number of products including CarStory Market Reports and